Paro Strategies helps organizations, industry associations, and communities find money so they can invest in what matters.

Invest in what matters.

Paro finds the money.

Paro finds grants, unique funding opportunities, and helps reduce organizational expenses. We provide the tools and the expertise to manage these processes for our clients. Paro clients gain the freedom to focus on where to invest so they can have a greater impact internally and externally.

Our Services

We use a phased approach based on your needs. Going to the next phase is always optional. Our assessment is free and will quickly let you know what you can expect. Paro is currently facilitating approximately $500M Assets Under Management for our clients through public-private partnerships.


Do you know where to look to find funding for your organization, industry, or community? Paro knows exactly where to look to quickly find the money while improving your experience.


Do you know what unique funding opportunities you qualify for and how to apply? Do you know where you can reduce organizational expense? Paro has the data and the industry experts to make this simple and clear.


Do you have the capabilities to manage grant programs, or meet other unique funding requirements? Do you have the tools to effectively manage vendors? The Paro provides the tools and the process to manage your funding effectively.

"Paro has been a tremendous partner over the past few years."

Robert Parker, Lake Cumberland CEO

Paro works with all types of organizations, across all industries.

Get started

We start with an initial assessment to determine how we can help. Leave us a couple of options for meeting times in the notes section, and we will set up a call and send you an invite. This assessment takes less than an hour. Not ready for an assessment? No worries. Shoot us a message below to let us know how we can help your organization, industry, and community flourish.