Paro Strategies helps organizations reduce expenses so they can invest in what matters.

Invest in what matters.

Paro finds the money.

Paro reduces organizational expenses by combining industry experts and data. We help you achieve the best prices for the services you use. As a result of Paro identified savings, our clients gain the freedom to focus on where to invest internally so they can have a greater impact externally.

Our Services

We use a phased approach based on your needs. Going to the next phase is always optional. Our assessment is free and will quickly let you know what you can expect to save. If you want to implement yourself, our baseline and benchmark phase will give you exactly what you need. If you want to focus on your core business, Paro will make sure you get the most out of your vendors at the best price in our implement and control phase.


Do you know where to look to find the best opportunities for reducing your expenses? Paro knows exactly where to look to quickly find the money while improving your experience.

Baseline & Benchmark

Do you have the tools to analyze your expenses, know what you are receiving, and how much you should pay? Paro has the data and the industry experts to make this simple and clear.

Implement & Control

Do you have the time and expertise to implement expense reductions and control ongoing expense? Paro will take over vendor negotiations, contract optimization, and expense forecasting.

"Paro has been a tremendous partner over the past few years."

Robert Parker,

Paro works with all types of organizations, across all industries.

Get started

We start with an initial assessment to determine how much we can save you and answer your questions. Leave us a couple of options for meeting times in the notes section, and we will set up a call and send you an invite. This assessment takes less than an hour. Not ready for an assessment? No worries. Shoot us a message below to let us know how we can help your organization and community flourish.